What Places to Visit in Benin

Then the people decided to move to the Lake Nokoue, and founded the village Ganvie, which is translated as “People who found peace”. Today, in the settlement over the water, there are post office, medical center, and own elementary school. Twelve thousand local residents earn for their living mainly by fishing moving on fast boats made of solid wood.

Tourists rarely come across the territory of the reserve Pendjari National Park that arose in the northwest of Benin in 1954 and extends to 2755 square kilometers. There are almost no trees and little animals on the territory. Rare baobabs, reaching 25 meters in height, are combined with low shrubs and flowering Adenium. The only place to stay in the national park Pendjari is a small campsite; do not even dream about hotels and restaurants.

Within an hour drive from the largest city of Benin, Cotonou, there is a settlement Ouidah, founded in the XVI century. It has a powerful energy. In times of Dahomey the city harbor, not knowing the moment's of rest, hosted countless ships arriving for the priceless commodity - African slaves. Four kilometer “Road of slaves”, surrounded by statues of gloomy gods, led to the “Gate of no return” - the point beyond which for black warriors and princesses opened a new and terrible page of the book of life. Here, well before Haiti was born the dark voodoo cult. January 10, when Benin celebrates the Festival, all Voodoo of Ouidah gather at the Temple of Pythons. There they sacrifice a goat and carry out the ceremony, “Return of the spirit” - a colorful carnival, accompanied by ritual songs and dances.


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